52 Super Series – Saint-Tropez Sailing Week

In May 2023, I collaborated with Chimbovision GmbH & Co KG as a drone pilot, producing daily highlight videos for the 52 Super Series. The prestigious sailing regatta took place off the coast of Saint-Tropez, with eleven international teams participating.

The Turkish Provezza Sailing Team clinched the top spot, showing impressive consistency under the prevailing light wind conditions, despite stiff competition including the American Quantum Racing and Harm Müller-Spreer’s TP52 “Platoon”.

The daily highlight videos we produced offered viewers an exciting recap of the day’s key racing moments and strategic maneuvers. My drone provided striking bird’s-eye view footage, capturing the dynamic nature and atmosphere of the races perfectly.

Working closely with Chimbovision’s editorial team, we were able to highlight the day’s pivotal scenes effectively, captivating audiences with the thrills of the 52 Super Series. The production of these highlight videos showcases my collaborative abilities with a professional production and editorial team, and my technical expertise in drone video production under varying conditions.

52 Super Series – Saint-Tropez Sailing Week 2023

Client: 52SuperSeries
Agency: Jacaranda Marketing
Producer: Michael Trapp
Production Company: Chimbovision GmbH & CO KG
Camera: Patrick Staves, Lenny Bindzus Samuel Anstey
Drone: Eike Schurr
Editing: Lenny Bindzus