52 Super Series – Royal Cup in Scarlino 2022

As a drone pilot for the TV team, I had the privilege of witnessing the spectacular races of the 52 Super Series at the Royal Cup in Scarlino up close. The event was characterized by intense competition, tactical maneuvers, and an atmosphere full of tension and passion.

The “Platoon” crew, led by Harm Müller-Spreer and their new tactician Vasco Vascotto, was in the spotlight. After some difficult season results and a rocky start in Scarlino, the team showed an impressive performance on day three with wind speeds of over 20 knots. The crew moved up to fifth place in the overall standings and proved their determination to get back to the top.

My task as a drone pilot was to capture breathtaking aerial footage of the races and immerse the audience in the exciting world of high-performance sailing. With the drone, I was able to capture spectacular perspectives that showcased the skill of the sailors, the impressive maneuvers, and the beauty of the Scarlino surroundings.

During the event, I used an FPV (First Person View) drone on the water for the first time to enable even more intense and dynamic shots. Compared to conventional drones, FPV drones offer an immersive flight experience and allow for quick, agile maneuvers that are perfect for the action-packed scenes of the sailing race.

52 Super Series – Royal Cup Scarlino 2022

Client: 52SuperSeries
Agency: Jacaranda Marketing
Producer: Michael Trapp
Production Company: Chimbovision GmbH & CO KG
Camera: Stefan Lehmann, Javier Salinas, Samuel Anstey
Drone: Eike Schurr
Editing: Javier Salinas, Lenny Bindzus
Lenny Bindzus