99-Fire Films Award

Participation in the 99Fire-Films Award 2014 with the topic: “The most moving story written by life.” Every third marriage in Germany ends in a divorce. Many children suffer from the constant conflict of their parents and feel lonely. They wish that their parents understand them again to be a family. In the decision to lead their parents to each other, helping the network to connect. There are everyday heroes.


Handed in at the 99Fire-Films Award 2014
Cast: Carlotta (Lotti) Kröger
Katarina Keese
Gabriele Kröger-Schurr
Marius Mazur
Thomas Pörschke
Producer: Eike Schurr, Valerie Schweizer
Team: Jens Anders
Katarina Keese
Paul N.
Eike Schurr
Valerie Schweizer
Maren Senhen