Go 4 Speed Kiel 2023

Go4Speed 2023: Intensive Sailing Training in Kiel | Drone Images & Analysis | Day 1 | Saturday 22.04.2023

Go4Speed 2023: Intensive Sailing Training in Kiel | Drone Images & Analysis | Day 1 | Sunday 23.04.2023

The Go4Speed 2023 training recently took place in Kiel. This offshore sailing event catered to regatta sailors of various classes. Organized in collaboration with the Regatta Association of Offshore Sailing (RVS), North Sails, the Kiel Yacht Club, and the German Sailing Federation, the training provided an excellent platform for participants to improve their skills.

Over two days, around 20 offshore teams trained in changing conditions. On the first day, sailors faced wind speeds of up to 18 knots. The second day offered lighter winds of 8-10 knots. Participants practiced starts, maneuvers, and boat handling while also taking part in short training races.

Coaches Stefan Matschuck (Managing Director of North Sails), Bertil Balser (Chairman of RVS, North Sails), and Magnus Simon (Sail Designer at North Sails) supported the teams in optimizing their performances. They prepared the participants for the upcoming sailing season and the 2023 ORC World Championship. The individual coaching helped sailors make continuous progress.

A unique feature of the training was the Sailingdrone footage. These drone images allowed for detailed analysis of maneuvers. Participants gained valuable insights into their techniques and tactics. The visual feedback proved helpful in addressing weaknesses and improving the teams’ skills.

Overall, the Go4Speed 2023 training in Kiel was a success. The combination of intensive training, professional coaching, and drone images contributed to preparing participants as well as possible for the upcoming sailing season. The experiences they gathered during the training will benefit them in future competitions, such as the 2023 ORC World Championship.

Go 4 Speed Kiel 2023

Client: North Sails Germany, German Sailing Federation
Camera: Eike Schurr
Drone : Eike Schurr