The Ocean Race Europe / The Austrian Ocean Race Project

As an On-Board Reporter, I had the opportunity to participate in the Austrian Ocean Project for the prologue of the Ocean Race Europe and the Ocean Race Europe. The On-Board Reporter’s task list includes obtaining the footage and images to tell the stories of the race and sending the images and footage to shore via the Satcom internet connection every day, as well as organizing the boat below, stacking things from side to side, organizing food, and maintaining cleanliness.

It’s a different world from the office job, but there is a desk and chair available on this boat, so it’s just a slightly different and wetter office job.

The Austrian Ocean Race Project is aimed at starting the real Ocean Race, which goes around the world in January 2023. I am also keen on participating as an On-Board Reporter in the race around the world.

For further information, please visit the Austrian Ocean Race Project and The Ocean Race: and

The Ocean Race Europe / The Austrian Ocean Race Project

Client: The Austrian Ocean Race Project
Concept & Production: Mario Hainzl & Xaver Kettele
Editing: Mario Hainzl, Sebastian Funk, Eike Schurr
On-Board Reporter: Eike Schurr, Stefan Leitner, André Carmo