The Ocean Race Europe / The Austrian Ocean Race Project

As an On-Board Reporter I had the chance to join The Austrian Ocean Project for The Ocean Race Europe Prologue and The Ocean Race Europe. The Joblist of the On-Board Reporter for sure is to get the footage and pictures to tell the stories of the Race and send every day the Pictures and Footage ashore thru the Satcom Internet Connection, as well organizing the boat downstairs, stacking the stuff from side to side and organize the food and keeping an eye on the housekeeping.

It is a different world from the office job, but on this boat a desk and chair is a available, so its just a different and a bit more wet office.

The Austrian Ocean Race Project is keen to be on the Startline for the real The Ocean Race, starting in January 2023 around the world. I am also keen to join the race around the world as an OBR.

For more information have a look at The Austrian Ocean Race Project and The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race Europe / The Austrian Ocean Race Project

Client: The Austrian Ocean Race Project
Concept & Production: Mario Hainzl & Xaver Kettele
Editing: Mario Hainzl, Sebastian Funk, Eike Schurr
On-Board Reporter: Eike Schurr, Stefan Leitner,  André Carmo